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Baya Oasis is not just another farmhouse project. It’s a lifestyle that lets you grow organic, eat organic, and live organic.

It is Located in a beautiful and serene setting, Baya Oasis is a company-maintained, organic and self-sustaining farmhouse community that offers 3 Kanal, 5, Kanal, and 8 Kanal residential farmhouses.

Unlike any other farm house project in Pakistan. Baya Oasis farms are designed for growing seasonal and exotic fruit, vegetables, herbs, poultry, livestock, beekeeping, and oil seed crops. And the good part is our trained experts will grow, take care of, and deliver your ready-to-consume products, like meat, milk, vegetables, fruit, etc, right on your farm or wherever you want.

Plus, our sell-to-company policy ensures that you’ll always have the option to sell your farm produce to us at no loss to you. Your Baya Oasis farmhouse won’t just make you enough money to maintain it, but also meet all your kitchen needs, so you’ll save tons on organic food.

Why Baya?

Baya Farm Houses Location:

Its located 3.5 km away from Chakri interchange and around 15 to 20 mins from new Islamabad airport.

location of baya farm houses

Payment Plan of Baya Farms:

There are two categories of farm houses in baya oasis:

  • Developed farmhouses
  • Undeveloped farmhouses

Payment plan of both is explained in the table below:

Undeveloped Farmhouses


Developed Farmhouses

Sizes of Baya Farm Houses:

3 sizes are available in Baya farms:

  • 3 kanal
  • 5 kanal
  • 8 kanal
  • 16 kanal

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