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Kingdom Valley Islamabad


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an upcoming innovative, tranquil, and luxurious real estate project in the heart of Islamabad. The Kingdom Valley is a flagship project devised by the Kingdom Group. This project comes under prime minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Developers planned this housing scheme to offer a heavenly lifestyle to the people. This article aims to discuss the luxuries, location, accessibility, residential plots, and amenities provided by Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Developers & Owners:

Kingdom Group is the developer & owner of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. A proud entrepreneur, Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal, owns this housing scheme in the Federal Capital. He is well known for development projects all across Pakistan. 

Excellently trained staff are working tirelessly on the development of the housing project. The company employs engineers, architects, construction workers, planners, and supervisors. Further, the team offers detailed consulting, exceptional client support, After-sales, Digital Marketing, Architecture, etc. 

The following are the fundamental standards of Kingdom Group:

🧿 Validity

🧿 Competency

🧿 Team Work

🧿 Accountability

🧿 Understanding

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC

In order to invest in a project, it is necessary to receive NOC approval to prove its safety. Kingdom Valley No Objection Certificate (NOC) is authorized under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The registration number is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021″.

The excellent reputation of Ghulam Hussain is the basis for why the housing scheme did not face legal problems when acquiring the NOC. Furthermore, Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management have authorized this project. There is a high probability that all the housing complexes approved will develop rapidly.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location:

Locality plays a crucial role in deciding whether to purchase a property or not. The location of society offers a sense of security to the buyers. Kingdom valley Islamabad is located close to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, an ideal site close to the prime areas in Islamabad. 


Kingdom Valley Accessibility:

Many prominent housing societies are close by, including Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and Mumtaz City. In addition, there are approximately five kilometers between it and Rawalpindi Ring Road. From Rawat-Chakbeli Road, it is almost 26 minutes away, and Adiala Road is only 5 minutes away.  It also connects to Bahria Town, Defense Housing Authority, and the New International Airport.

It also connects to Bahria Town, Defense Housing Authority, and the New International Airport. 

Kingdom Valley Nearby Landmarks:

The Kingdom Valley in Rawalpindi is encircled by numerous adjacent landmarks & places:

🧿 Bahria Town Islamabad

🧿 5km from Thalian Interchange

🧿 International Islamabad Airport

🧿 Qurtaba City

🧿 M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway

🧿 Rawalpindi

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Master Plan:

Government authorities are in the process of implementing Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s master plan. The master plan of Kingdom Valley was designed by a team of highly qualified experts with years of property development experience. The entire development of the society occupies an area of approximately 15000 Kanals. The valley project offers residential, commercial, overseas, farmhouses, and villa plots at an affordable price. Besides the housing scheme, the master plan constitutes modern infrastructure buildings, theme parks, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and other amenities.



Kingdom Valley Residential Plots:

Residential plots are sections of a housing scheme where dwellings for residents are exclusively available. A wide range of amenities and facilities is readily available in the residential sector. Families have access to a range of plot sizes according to their financial status and needs. Consequently, residents can live in the residential sector, and the community offers a payment plan that is affordable for them. Following residential plot sizes are available:

🧿 4 Marla

🧿 5 Marla

🧿 8 Marla

🧿 10 Marla

🧿 1 Kanal


Kingdom Valley Residential Plots Payment Plan:




Kingdom Valley Commercial Block:

For a society to function optimally, a commercial hub is necessary. Investing in a safe and secure real estate venture is a good idea with commercial plots. With the scheme’s NOC approval, the property market along Main Boulevard is experiencing rapid price increases.

Following residential plot sizes are available:

🧿 2 Marla

🧿 4 Marla

🧿 8 Marla


Kingdom Valley Commercial Block Payment Plan:

Kingdom Valley Commercial Block payment plan


Kingdom Valley Farmhouses:

Kingdom Valley Farmhouses offers an excellent investment opportunity.  Residents can live comfortably and peacefully in these spacious farmhouses and experience the natural beauty of Islamabad.

The farmhouse plot size are mentioned below:

🧿 2 Kanal

🧿 4 Kanal

🧿 8 Kanal


Kingdom Valley Farmhouses Payment Plan:



Kingdom Villas

Kingdom Villas initiates a new level of luxurious living in Islamabad. It caters to the needs of its residents by providing shopping destinations, theme parks, community centers, and grand mosques.

The villas are built according to contemporary standards. The villas will consist of single-story and double-story.

The community offers villas of the following sizes:

🧿 5 Marla

🧿 5 Marla (Single-Storey)

🧿 5 Marla (Double-Storey)


Kingdom Villas Payment Plan:

Kingdom-villas-payment plan


Executive Block

The Executive Block fosters the residents to live an extravagant and comfy life. It proposes several residential and commercial plots.

Residential Plots

Following are the sizes of residential plots:

🧿 6 Marla

🧿 8 Marla

🧿 10 Marla

🧿 1 Kanal


Kingdom Valley Executive Block Payment Plan (Residential):



Commercial Plots

Following are the sizes of commercial plots:

🧿 4 Marla

🧿 8 Marla


Kingdom Valley Executive Block Payment Plan (Commercial):


Kingdom Apartments

Kingdom Apartments is a futuristic project that proposes all the facilities required for adequate living standards. This multi-floor apartment project will utilize Italian marble in its infrastructure. Further details regarding the payment plan will be soon available. 

Kingdom Heights

Kingdom valley will be a new venture that comprises all the facilities and luxuries like elite-class restaurants, a swimming area, a parking lot, a gym, shops, and more. This exquisite project will soon be here to nurture investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan:

The payment plan is the first thing that comes into the mind of an investor. Kingdom Group has unveiled a payment plan which is flexible and affordable for its customers. The cost-effective rates of the plots make it one of the most appealing investment options in the real estate market.

The payment plan stretches over 48 months with eight bi-annual payments and 40 monthly payments. People have to pay a specific amount at the time of balloting, while the down payment is also to be paid according to the plot size.

Kingdom Valley Facilities & Amenities:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a project with all the modern facilities and amenities at cost-effective rates. The main priority was to offer an elegant and lavish lifestyle.

Developers and engineers carefully dedicated a substantial area to the central theme park where children and the elder may enjoy leisure time with no worries in their minds.

The following list gives information about the delightful facilities offered by this society:

🧿 Secure & Gated Community:

Kingdom Valley is a secure, well-facilitated community with perfectly installed CCTV cameras and a gated community to ensure security for its residents. Furthermore, the developers secured the society by a boundary wall encompassing all project sides. High-level safety guarantees a family-friendly environment for its people.

🧿 Grand Mosque:

Religion is a vital part of every Muslim. To fulfill the spiritual needs of every individual, Kingdom group offers the facility of spacious mosques for the residents to pray comfortably. Each block will have a separate mosque, while an enormous mosque will be locatable in the center of the society.

🧿 Healthcare Facilities:

Health facilities are places that provide health care. This housing scheme will nourish proper healthcare facilities with the latest technology and expertly trained medical staff such as doctors and nurses. The emergency will be open all day, and the staff and doctors will be accessible 24/7.

🧿 Educational Facilities:

Education can transform the lives of every individual. Kingdom Valley’s top priority is to dedicate considerable land to constructing world-class educational institutes. The projects provide well-known institutes such as the Global School System and the Usman Institute of higher studies.

🧿 Continuous Supply of Utilities:

This society will have a continuous supply of essential amenities such as water, gas, and electricity. Filtration plants will ensure that the residents are drinking clean water.  An underground electrical wiring system will encounter any load shedding problems.

🧿 Finest Road Infrastructure:

Engineers and architects used high-quality and cutting-edge technologies to develop the infrastructure of this society. They offer an advanced private community during the constructional developmental duration plans.

🧿 Theme Park:

The development of theme parks will complete the purpose of entertaining the residents. Adults can also enjoy their time and relieve their stress of work in the refreshing and revitalizing surroundings of the theme park.

Kingdom Valley Salient Features:

🧿 Captivating gate entrance

🧿 Cost-Effectiveness

🧿 Grand Mosque

🧿 Education Complex

🧿 Green Collar

🧿 Accessibility

🧿 Water Resources

🧿 Commercial hub

🧿 24/7 security

🧿 Upkeep

🧿 Boundary Wall

🧿 Gated community

🧿 Quality Development

🧿 Water, Gas, Electricity

🧿 Underground electrification

🧿 Sewerage and waste disposal system

🧿 Top-Class infrastructure development

🧿 Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities

🧿 Medical Facilities offered by Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

Guidelines to Follow while Purchasing / Sale of Plots in Kingdom Valley:


File Verification:

File verification possesses many benefits, so it is mandatory to do it quickly to avoid any inconvenience.

Visit Kingdom Valley Official website for the verification of your file by entering your file application number.

Document Verification:

It is crucial to verify all the documents for your satisfaction.

Examination of the NOC and its approval by the authorities is essential before getting into the purchase or sale of a property.

Thus, your documentation will be valid by all means that may propose customer fulfillment.

Financial Security:

Make sure that your Finances align with the purchase plan. In this way, you will not face any obstacles in your purchase. 

Property Official Visit:

To confirm details and specifications regarding your property, make sure to visit the site. 

Documents Required for Booking:

To preserve the translucence and legitimacy of the housing project, every person needs to provide certain documents for booking. The following documents are required to buy property in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

🧿 A copy of the buyer’s CNIC

🧿 A copy of next to kin’s CNIC

🧿 Two Passport size picture

🧿 Booking cost via cheque, pay order, or cash

🧿 NICOP for overseas clients.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

Investment in real estate offers liquidity-the comfort of converting assets into cash. It is effortless to purchase and sell real estate investments, unlike shares. Real estate investment can increase your cash through rental income, appreciation, etc.

Benefits of Investing in real estate industry is as follows:

🧿 Financial Security:

Real estate investment provides you with financial security. Location is a prime factor that dictates how much your property will appreciate over time. So, investing in Kingdom Valley will surely provide financial security for a long period.

🧿 Steady Income:

Real estate investments can grow over time and provide stable income through rental property. Year by Year, rent increase by some percentage and provides more than stable income.

🧿 Passive Income:

The generation of passive income is possible through investment in real estate. Invest in a developed property or construct an open land and then rent it out to yield a separate passive source of income throughout the year.

🧿 Non-Depreciable Asset:

The effect of appreciation can be viewed by having ownership of the real estate. As history has proven, Land and property always increase in value. So, the property you invest in, over time, can rise in value and worth. Holding property for longer periods can be beneficial for investors.

Booking Method:

 You can secure your property here by observing the instructions below.

🧿 Attentively fill out your booking application form.

🧿 Attach the CNIC Copies of the applicant with the form.

🧿 Pay Down Payment to Kingdom Valley through cash, cheque, or bank draft.

🧿 Pay in notes after verification by the management.

🧿 Submit all the papers and get the payment receipt.


The site of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is immaculate as it is locatable nearby prime locations in Islamabad. Due to its collaboration with Naya Pakistan Housing Program, this project is undoubtedly one of the best housing societies in Islamabad.

The luxurious facilities and international standard amenities make it the best investment opportunity. And with the help of our guide, you can easily find the best payment plans to invest in.

FAQs About Kingdom Valley:

Yes, Kingdom Valley is a legal and NOC-approved housing society under the registration number DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. It also has its approval under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers residential plots at affordable prices. It offers installment schedules that are attractive to every person with different financial backgrounds.

The Kingdom Valley has a premium location, and even small investors are willing to invest in this project. Hence, the rate of return on investment will be high, and individuals will yield the ROI benefits.

Kingdom Valley is located right close to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway and a distance of only 5 KM from Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Kingdom Group is the mind behind this masterpiece project.

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